CACLS, tambah user akses security pada suatu folder

Pernahkah anda mencoba masuk pada suatu folder melalui explorer atau command prompt, dan keterangannya access is denied (karena tidak punya akses k folder tersebut).

Andaikan folder yang access is denied itu bernama PRIBADI maka
1. Click Start, Click Run, ketik CMD dan click ok
2. cacls “c:PRIBADI” /E /G namauser:F
contoh: cacls “C:PRIBADI” /E /G administrator:F

Untuk mengembalikan k posisi awal atau menghilangkan user administrator utk akses folder tsb maka ketik
1. cacls “C:PRIBADI” /E /R namauser
contoh: cacls “C:PRIBADI” /E /R administrator


Original text from

Using CACLS with Windows XP Home Edition Using the NTFS File System

In Windows XP Home Edition with the NTFS file system, you can also use the Cacls tool, which is a command-line tool, to display or modify file or folder access control lists (ACLs). For more information about the Cacls tool, including usage and switches, search the Help and Support Center for “cacls.”

1. Click Start, click Run, type cmd, and then click OK.
2. Make sure that you are in the root folder of the partition for which you want to gain access to the System Volume Information folder. For example, to gain access the C:System Volume Information folder, make sure that you are in the root folder of drive C (at a “C:” prompt).
3. Type the following line, and then press ENTER:

cacls “driveletter:System Volume Information” /E /G username:F

Make sure to type the quotation marks as indicated. This command adds the specified user to the folder with Full Control permissions.

4. Double-click the System Volume Information folder in the root folder to open it.
5. If you need to remove the permissions after troubleshooting, type the following line at a command prompt:

cacls “driveletter:System Volume Information” /E /R username

This command removes all permissions for the specified user.

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