How to repair Windows XP without CD Installation (Repair)

What do you do if some of your system file is missing because of accident or viruses?
Of course you are using CD Windows XP Installation to repair it… but if the CD is missing? this is the trick to repair windows XP without CD WINXP Installation.You need The Tools, The Name is Erunt, you can download here (attachment). The software cannot repair automaticly, but need a little tricky to do this…

Firstable Install Erunt software, and bring it on. Do as the picture do

1. After backup is complete, please copy the folder (exp:c:windowserdnt1-05-2009) into a safety place

2. repair file are in the %SystemRoot%repair open using explore to the path, and copy all these file  (autoexec.nt,config.nt,default,sam,secsetup.inf,security,setup.log,software,system,ntuser.dat)
into the folder exp: c:windowserdnt1-05-2009 (replace all existing files)

3. Do as the picture do

4. Reboot your computer.
5. Done, your operating system is repaired (condition where the first time you Installed Windows XP)

It works on illegal XP, but if your XP is Original, prepare to renew activation the windows.
sekian tips dari sikathabis

Attachment: erunt-setup.exe

2 thoughts on “RepairWinXPwithoutCD

  1. anonim says:

    sangat berguna
    ijin copas ndan , makasih ….piss

  2. sikathabis says:

    alhamdulillah …. sama2 bos 🙂

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